Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I had a few comments/questions over the past few weeks and thought I would share those in a special post.

Little Penpen asked if I was planning to try out the new kayak my husband is getting.  The short answer is No.  I am a terrible klutz on solid ground.  I should just skip the kayak and go swimming.

Terri asked about the source for my bay laurel.  I ordered mine and several other herbs from Colonial Creek Farm.  The bay was not large, but I was more than pleased with the quality of it and the other plants.  Everything arrived well packed and in excellent shape.  I would highly recommend Colonial Creek if you are searching for any unusual plants.

Rhonda mentioned the lack of drama on the British competition shows.  That is so true.  I love how the contestants on the Great British Baking Show encourage each other.


Little Penpen said...

LOL on the kayak. I think I would like to try it, but everything makes me so sore, as I am SO out of shape.

terricheney said...

Thank you for giving me the source for the bay tree. I am looking forward to visiting that site this weekend.