Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Garden Update

This year I was all set to have a good raspberry harvest.  I had carefully pinned up the branches to the fence line.  Unfortunately we are also set to have a good pecan harvest.  All of the pecans combined with the rain weighed down a large limb which broke.

The limb fell right on the fence where my raspberries were growing.  Some of the plants are just fine.  The ones that had the most berries ended up with broken branches.

We will still get a good harvest I think.  The pecan limb also took out a water spigot.  Thankfully we had all of the necessary parts on hand.  W was able to get the spigot hooked back up and the fence righted.  We were too busy cleaning up the fallen limb for me to get any pictures.  The smaller branches of the limb went onto a brush pile.  The larger portions of the limb were cut up for firewood.  I am almost certain that will not be the last pecan limb to fall before the harvest.

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