Thursday, January 26, 2017

52 New Recipes - Week 3: Linguine Carbonara

I was browsing the internet last week and came across a weekly menu.  One of the items was Linguine Carbonara.  I realized with a few adjustments I had everything needed to make this recipe.

My version looks a bit more orange that the original, because I used bantam eggs.  These chickens spend all day on the yard eating bugs and greens.  The result is yolks that are neon orange.

I obviously used spaghetti instead of linguine.  I also did not have white wine so I substituted chicken broth.  Otherwise I followed the recipe.  Next time I might add a bit more garlic.  That is more personal taste than anything being wrong with the recipe.

This recipe made a big pot full.  I froze part of it for a future meal.  It was quick to make which is a bonus too.  W declared it to be delicious so this will go into our regular rotation.

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terricheney said...

A little trick I learned from Tracey McBride of Frugal Luxuries is to substitute a little grape juice and a splash of vinegar for wine in recipes. Since we can get both white and concord grape juices now it's possible to sub that for any wine. I've also used apple and cranberry juices depending upon what I'm cooking. And if the juice seems like it would be too sweet you can water it down. The main thing is to get that splash of vinegar in there. It's amazing how it truly does add that richness that wine would add without going to the expense of purchasing wine just to cook with.