Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekend Book Review: Eat Beautiful

Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe is focused on improving your skin by what you eat.  The book is divided into four seasons.  I love that the spotlight is on eating what is in season.  Each season begins with an introduction of foods and their benefits.  The end of each section features recipes using the highlighted ingredients.

I like that the recipes feature ingredients that are easy to find in most grocery stores or gardens/farmers' markets.  Some of the recipes on my to try list include the Chicken Satay, Sticky Chile Beef, and Iced White Tea.

The book ends with beauty tips including DIY beauty treatments and suggested skincare routines.  It ends with a section on nature's pharmacy and a guide to nutrients.  Overall the book provides good information.

I do have a few minor negatives.  The photos of the models while artistic add little to the value for me.  I would have preferred to see real women rather than women who have been professionally made up.  The nature's pharmacy section suggests to use comfrey as a tea.  In my reading most herbalists recommend that comfrey is best used topically due to the risk of liver damage when taken internally.   It should not be used topically on open wounds.  I would lean toward the recipes as the best part of the book.

disclosure:  I received this book from Blogging for Books but was not otherwise compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own!

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