Friday, January 20, 2017

Frugal Friday

First of all I am happy to report that Thea is using her house on the deck.  She has a cozy cat bed inside which was given to us by the couple who sold us our living room furniture.  The house is large enough that her food bowl goes on one side.  This is very useful as it keeps it hidden from the chickens.

I used one of the free greeting cards I had received in the mail to send to a friend who had a death in the family.

I watched the weather forecast and washed clothes that needed to be dried outside (sheets & W's jeans) at the beginning of the week before the rain came.

I continued to stick to the pantry challenge.  I still feel like we are not making much of a dent in the freezer, but the pantry is looking a bit less full.

I worked in the yard picking up trash and used feed sacks to dispose of it in our weekly trash pickup.

I saved the water from boiling eggs for W to use as fertilizer for his African violets.

I fed the rabbits excess produce from the garden as well as clover that was pulled from some of the raised beds.

1 comment:

terricheney said...

Our freezer is not getting any emptier either, sigh. How am I ever going to make meals ahead for Bess if I've NO place to put them?

Maddie's big new dog bed? The cat has adopted it as hers, sigh. Maddie chooses to keep using the sheet/rug she's had.