Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pantry Challenge Days 17-19

I combined three days into one post since overall they were very boring.

Day 17:  W had cereal for breakfast, and I drank a Boost again.  We both brought home leftovers.  For dinner we took one of the chicken tenders and made big salads.  I used lettuce from the garden and the last of the tomatoes that we bought.  I added onion and pepper to mine.  I also diced up half of a piece of Texas toast.  Supper I fixed some instant mashed potatoes and garden peas to go with his hamburger steak.  I ate my leftover chicken tenders and sweet potatoes.

Day 18:  W was off to worked with a packed lunch of the usual.  I had an English muffin with cream cheese for breakfast.  Dinner was a tuna sandwich and chips.  I skipped supper (not good), and W ate cereal.  

Day 19:  Breakfast was another English muffin with cream cheese.  I was busy the day before and did not make a dessert for dinner with my parents.  W had cereal for supper.  I ate a slice of toast with peanut butter.

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