Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pantry Challenge Days 26-27

These were "weekend" days for me due to W's odd work schedule.

Sunday was a weird day.  We were under tornado and severe thunderstorm watches/warnings off and on all day.  I was hesitant to do any major cooking since I kept expecting the power to go out.  Breakfast was English muffins and cream cheese.  I popped in to check on my parents and had a bite of dinner with them.  None of us were very hungry mostly from being on edge from the storms.  Supper for W was cereal.  I had a cup of cocoa and some crackers.

Monday, Day 27:  I had fruitcake for breakfast.  Dinner was a sandwich and snack mix.  Supper was the last homemade veggie burger from the freezer and a bag of chips W had brought me.  As usual W ate cereal for supper.

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