Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pantry Challenge Days 23-25

I got behind on this and then just kept putting it off.  I am catching up and getting back on track.

Day 23 (Thursday) - W had cereal for breakfast.  I ate an English muffin with cream cheese.  Dinner:  I splurged on some discounted tortellini at the grocery store.  We had that with marinara sauce from the freezer, salad (lettuce from the garden) & homemade dressings, and breadsticks from the freezer.  Neither of us was hungry at supper and just snacked a bit on some random things.

Day 24 (Friday) - Breakfast was the same.  Dinner was leftovers from Thursday's dinner.  Supper was.....  I cannot remember.  How sad is that?  I feel like we snacked again, but I am not sure.

Day 25 (Saturday) - W was headed to work and took the usual with the addition of grapefruit his mom gave us.  I had an English muffin with cream cheese again.  Dinner for me was a plate of leftovers from the freezer:  meatloaf, mashed potatoes, garden peas, and oatmeal cookies.  Supper for W was cereal, and I ate more random snacks from the pantry. 

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