Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In the Garden

It is time for another walk through the winter garden.  Although with the warmer weather, it hardly feels like winter here.  

Marshmallow holds up very well to all types of weather.  It survived the hot, dry summer and the freezing temperatures earlier this month.  While it did die back a bit, the base of the plant is strong.

The garden peas are growing well.  They are starting to attach themselves to the wire that protects them from the chickens.  

You will see in this raised bed I have a large amount of stinging nettle.  When I pulled weeds I left all of the nettle.  Once it grows a bit more, I plan to cut and dehydrate it for herbal tea.  I drink nettle tea for allergies.  If you have this in your yard you know that it sets you on fire when it brushes up against you.  Aloe is a wonderful treatment for this stinging pain.

This container is full of lemon seedlings.  I will let them grow a bit more before putting them in individual containers.

The warm weather has caused the chamomile seeds to sprout.  You can see the ferny looking plants in the above photo.  

I also have yarrow seeds that are sprouting.  Both of these pictures also have more nettle in them.  Harvesting this helps my goal of self-sufficiency.  I will have an amble supple of dried nettle for free from my garden.

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