Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pantry Challenge Day 28

Breakfast for W was cereal.  I had another piece of fruitcake.

Dinner was an altered linguine carbonara - more details on that tomorrow.  I considered serving a salad.  Unfortunately we had so much rain over the weekend that getting to the back garden where the lettuce is growing is impossible right now.

Supper:  I had leftovers and W ate cereal (again).

I made it four weeks into the pantry challenge.  I am considering easing up slightly.  I plan to still focus on using what we have on hand.  I want to be able to branch out a bit with trying some new recipes.  I would eat more on the weekends if I freed myself up to buy some snacky supper items.

For now I am going to call my official pantry challenge done.  I will still keep up with a lower grocery budget.  I am saving the extra money for garden purchases this spring.

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