Friday, January 6, 2017

Frugal Friday

I washed clothes on the sunny days to take advantage of line drying.

I finally cut up the pumpkin I bought after Halloween.  Some of the seeds were saved for planting later this year.  The pumpkin went to the chickens!

I picked lettuce from the garden.

I chose "No Rush Shipping" for a few items I ordered from Amazon.  I am going to save the $1 credits to rent a movie for W and I to watch one evening.

I ordered several free magazine subscriptions from Recyclebank.

I have been sticking to the pantry challenge and focused on using foods we have on hand.

I took some time each day to work on the reward sites I use.  I will do this less during the spring when the weather is better for working outdoors.

I have been using the diffuser and essential oils to freshen the house.  It is cheaper than store bought air fresheners and much easier on my breathing.

I found clearance candy to use as prizes for a little game for my Bible class at church.

I saved a box from an Amazon delivery for W to use for transporting fishing rods for his business.

I used water from washing lettuce to water the plants on the front porch.

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

Hi Dawn, I do the no rush shipping when I can and split up orders as well to get the $1 credits. Jeff likes to buy music for his iPod and those $1s add up.