Friday, January 6, 2017

Pantry Challenge Day 9

Breakfast was cereal for W and homemade English muffins with some of the leftover cheese dip from the previous night.

Dinner was Brunswick stew and grilled cheese for W.  I had a homemade black bean and mushroom burger with chips.

Supper was homemade pizza and salads with tomatoes.  The lettuce came from the garden.  W picked up the tomatoes from Dollar General.  Has anyone else shopped the produce section at Dollar General?  Ours has good produce and excellent everyday prices.  I also made a Dijon vinaigrette using the last bit of Dijon mustard in the bottle.  I just added some olive oil, white wine vinegar, and spices right into the mustard bottle.  Delicious and no waste!

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terricheney said...

The store in Ft. Valley has the grocery attached and it always looks so neat and nice. All the produce looks beautiful and yes it is reasonably priced compared to other stores in that area.