Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pantry Challenge Day 13

Breakfast was a cupcake. Dinner was the last of the leftover pizza  and a big salad with lettuce from the garden.  W decided to go by to visit his parents after work.  I had the last of the french fries and pizza rolls from the freezer.  The weather was cold all day but since I was home alone making soup made no sense.  It was easier to just eat whatever was convenient.

Now for some pictures of the freezers since I am abut two weeks into this.

As you can see I have not really made a dent at all.  It does not help that I have added marinara, black beans, single serve homemade frozen meals, and soups.  I have used up a few things in the pantry, but we are in no danger of running out of food.  It makes me think seriously about meals for the coming week and trying to get by with no grocery shopping.  

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Tammy said...

I feel the same way, Dawn. After finally getting outside to inventory the freezers and frig in the garage, I told Greg tonight that we needn't shop for groceries for probably 2 months! I do feel blessed to have so much bounty to feed us and our family, but really need to be better about using that bounty as we accrue it, rather than piling it up and bringing home more.