Friday, January 13, 2017

Frugal Friday

The temperatures were cold in the south this past weekend.  *I will pause here while everyone up north giggles a bit.*  My ideal temperature has a low of 75.  I am that crazy person who loves when it is 90+ degrees. I did keep the central heat cut lower and wore a cozy cardigan while in the house.

As much as I would have loved to stay in all weekend, I still had outside chores to do.  I bundled up in a set of coveralls that I purchased at yard sales.  I got the overall pants at one sale and found the jacket at another.  Since they were children's sizes (L and XXL), I was able to score a very good deal.  I have used both for several winters now.

I made several birthday cards from items that I had on hand.

I took advantage of some deals at Amazon.  I bought Glad trash bags as W hated the cheaper ones that were free with sale/coupon.  I also bought canned cat food for less per can than I was able to get locally on sale.  I chose the slower shipping on both items to get credits.

I took advantage of a sale and a coupon to get some OTC medicine that W uses at a bargain.

I wanted a house for Thea on the back deck.  We used a small rabbit house that we already had - modified a bit by W using materials on hand - so we had no out of pocket cost.  This was important for a starter house as we have no idea if Thea will even use it.

I received coupons for free candy bars which I won in an instant win game.


Lisa said...

I am with you on the temperature swing! We had snow and 20 degrees last weekend and 70 degrees this weekend.

Come by for a visit:

terricheney said...

We bought Maddie a dog bed last week because we know more cold is coming. John does forget though what a warm cozy 'coat' she gets to wear year round (triple layers of fur!)...but Misu the cat is quite happy to sleep on the dog bed, lol. Found here there this morning too drowsy and comfy to even pay us much attention other than a quick look and blink and then going back to snuggle. Wonder if Maddie will roust the cat when temperatures plunge again, as they are bound to do for us?